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Universal Animal Pak The Ultimate Training Pak! BUY IT NOW Universal Animal Pak



Universal Animal Stak Review By Steven S.

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This works well with:
>Ultra Peptide Whey
>Myoplex Lite
>Pro-Vaso NO2

Review of Universal Animal Pak
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Universal Animal Stak

My name is Steven and I am reviewing the 44 paks of "Jaks Animal Stak Pak" from Universal.

When you go to you will notice you can either buy 44 paks for $25 or 88 paks for $49. Thus I recommend you pay one extra dollar by buying just the 44 paks so that you can take it long enough to see how well it works for you. As the forty-four paks should last a month, you will know by this point of it is worth buying more of this product.

Basically on days you are not resistance training or are just going cardio, one pak should be fine. For days you are resistance training I recommend you take two paks during those times but as far away as possible time wise so in other words, take one when you wake up and the other before you hit the hay. You should want to work out hard enough so that when you hit the hay you have no trouble going to sleep. If you do not workout hard enough to sleep within an hour after hitting the bed this then just take one stak pak daily until this or something with similar results.

Anyway, this product is well-known for many years as the ultimate training pak. It represents the hard line in sports nutrition. Each of these 44 scientifically balanced packets contains: Mega vitamins and minerals, performance nutrients and amino acids. Nothing comes close to Universal's Animal Pak and there is no better nutritional weapon to fuel intense workouts than Jaks Animal Pak.

Pro bodybuilders, elite power lifters and world-class athletes swear by the Animal Pak for the following reasons: enhanced endurance, increased energy and most of all, its protein metabolism.

If you use it consistently and long enough you will get optimum results. This item is loaded with the most advanced and highest quality bodybuilding nutrients. Animal Pak is still light years ahead of any other formula. Only Animal Pak provides you with the perfect combination of complex proteins, mega-vitamins, lyophilized amino acids and essential training factors (such as inosine, choline, PAK, Protogen A, PABA, and carnitine). Each pak also contains a powerful combination of vital mineral complexes, lipotropics, digestive enzymes, BCAA's, essential fatty acids, and high potency pre-workout energizers, synergized in a perfectly balanced, time-released formula of eleven tablets. If you are in fact serious about your body, do not settle for anything less than the Animal Pak. It will blast your body with all the nutrients you require. Train like an animal. Train with Animal Pak. Nothing works like it in the world.

If you want all of this, please look to and you will find a testimonial as well as more detailed information. Become an animal today!

This product is proudly made in the USA. Formulated, tested and manufactured by Universal Nutrition in New Brunswick, NJ 08901. Call toll-free at 1-800-USA-0101 or visit them at

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Universal Animal Pak Universal Animal Pak - 15 Paks
Retail Price: $21.97 Our Price: $11.99
Universal Animal Pak

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