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Wrestlers Deaths and Steroids Linked....HOGWASH!!! Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles By Will Brink Wrestlers Deaths and Steroids Linked....HOGWASH!!!

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Will Brink is an excellent writer. On his site "Brinkzone" I
recently read his great comments on some typical media
bullshit which was trying to connect steroids with just
about everything evil.

Take a read and see exactly how one tremendously educated
and knowledgeable guy, Will Brink, makes the report look
exactly like what it really is... total garbage.

"Dear Will,
I read an article in ESPN magazine which blamed the death
of some wrestler on steroids and linked steroid use to all
sorts of deaths and other problems. Did you read that
article and what is your opinion on that? "

See the answer here:-

If you want to see more from Will he is also the author of a
great ebook called "Diet Supplements Revealed".

With Summer on us you may be thinking of using a diet
supplement to help you cut. I suggest you read this
information before you do, could just save you a wad of

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