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Wrist Supports

It’s something you almost never think of.

Until it falls on your face.

You pace around like a hungry tiger for three minutes, preparing for your intense brush with those 110-pound dumbbells. You’re not thinking about the pain or the sweat or the veins bulging in your temples and you’re surely not thinking about a thing called safety. No, you’re not thinking about anything at this moment other than extending those beefy arms – and those clunky weights – straight toward the sky.

As the struggle begins, your arms start to tremble vibrantly from the resistance, as your elbows shake and your muscles twitch. Your forearms begin to arc above you like a rainbow, you’ve almost completed your mission when …


The 110-pound dumbbell becomes a permanent part of your face.

It’s not exactly the ending you were looking for, but as the surgeon removes scraps of iron from your skull, you know you’re gonna be hearing the lecture one more time:

You should have been wearing wrist supports.

The worst part of it, you know, is that it wasn’t so much your pectoral muscles or your heart that gave in to the 220-pound nemeses. It was your wrists. While your chest was certainly game for cranking out a challenging set of incline dumbbell presses, your wrists just couldn’t hang with the big boys.

Instead, these delicate joints allowed the mission – and the weights – to come crashing down upon you.

Hopefully, the next time you’ll know better.

Hopefully, you’ll have wrist supports.

Wrist supports may not seem like much, just something you strap on for style, but these little dandies are a wise investment for weight trainers of all types, particularly those with mountain-sized intentions ahead of them.

Wrist supports are great for a number of different exercises, particularly pulldowns, dumbbell presses, knee raises, and pull-ups.

The purpose of wrist supports, obviously, is to stabilize the wrists during the strenuous exercises, and preventing them from giving in to overwhelming resistance. After all, how are your muscles going to handle the weights when your wrists can’t?

Also, wrist supports help you to focus the resistance primarily on the muscles being worked. You won’t be diverting any of the resistance elsewhere.

With a 2-inch stainless steel D-ring loop and a 2-inch polypropylene strap, MWD’s version of the wrist support is certainly a gym favorite. Easily fastened with tight Velcro strands, the MWD wrist supports also feature a quarter-inch thick sponge foam designed to protect the skin from the wear and tear of an invigorating, upper-body exercise.

The wrist supports are an investment that your muscles – and your face – will surely be thanking you for.

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