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ZonePerfect Classic Nutrition Bars Energy Nutrition! BUY IT NOW ZonePerfect Classic Nutrition Bars



ZonePerfect Classic Nutrition Bars Review By Matt C.

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ZonePerfect Classic Nutrition Bars

Nutrition Information:

What's In It?


ZonePerfect Classic Nutrition Bars Review By Matt Canning


As time goes by I review more and more nutritional supplements and in particular, protein bars. Additionally, I get more and more reviews made by other people for the same products that way visitors of this website can read many opinions and decide for themselves. Also, check out the forums on the website to add your input and join in the discussion on the various supplements available on the market today.

Today I will be reviewing the ZonePerfect Classic Nutrition Bars which are available in a variety of flavours. I will be reviewing the product based on a variety of attributes listed below and finally review the entire bar in an overall review which will summarize my thoughtso n the product.


There are many flavours of the ZonePerfect bar available on the links on this page which I will list below:

  • Chocolate Almond Biscotti
  • Chocoate Almond Raisin
  • Chocolate Caramel Cluster
  • Chocolate Coconut Crunch
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Fudge Graham
  • Strawberry Yogurt

Surprisingly, I tried a completely different flavour of this bar - the "Chocolate Raspberry" flavour which is not available in the list above. I intend to purchase some of the other flavours of the bar if they are available to see what they are like.

I enjoyed the taste of this bar which usually indicates to me that it contains a low ratio of protein to fat. Almost always, for protein dense protein bars, I can tell that the percentage of protein is high in terms of the overall quantity of micronutrients found in the bar. This I find can be tasted and even be smelled. When I did not notice this to be the case for this bar, I immediately suspected that this bar was low on protein relative to its fat content in comparison to other similar bars available on the market. If you read the section below entitled "Nutritional Content", I will go into this in more detail. I found this bar to be crunchy and did have a fairly even mix of chocolate and raspberry although I think it tasted a little more on the raspberry side. I had never tried a flavour like this before for any protein bar, so this was a first in that respect. Overall I enjoyed the taste of this bar and would award it an 8/10 for this category.

Nutritional Content:

When I review a product for nutritional content, I generally look at the amounts of each micronutrient the bar contains as well as the overall calories and proportion of each micronutrient in relation to one another. I have included the relevant information for this product below:

Calories- 210
Calories From Fat - 60
Total Fat - 7g
Saturated Fat - 4.5g
Total Carbohydrate - 24g
Protein - 14g

As it turns out, I was wrong about this bar having a high percentage of fat or a high proportion of fat in relation to the other micronutrients. This bar actually had a relatively low level of fat with just under 30% of its total calories being from fat. The carbohydrate content was the highest at 24 grams or 96 calories, still under 50% of the overall calories from this bar. The protein content was 14 grams of protein or 56 calories of protein, which was very close to the overall calories from fat [fat is more energy dense, thus fewer grams of fat will equal more overall calories]. Although the nutritional content of this bar does explain the taste, it still contained less fat than I expected it to. Overall this is just a little bit lower than what I would expect from a protein bar in terms of protein content. I find that 20 grams of protein or higher is roughly what I would want to see in a worthwhile bar. This bar makes more of a quick snack compared to some of the larger bars which are almost the equivalent of half a small meal - a small meal being 500 calories or so. Small meals like that consumed six times per day will be quite the sufficient caloric intake for an adult male training.

Overall Review:

I don't have an awful lot to say about this protein bar or any protein bar for that matter since they are not particularly complicated supplements to review. I feel that the overall caloric content of this bar meets the minimum that I would hope for in a protein bar at 210 calories. 14 grams of protein is a little lower than I would hope for in a protein bar and the fat content is a little high, but not as high as I expected given the taste which I found to be pleasant. However, it should be noted that this bar is not necessarily advertised or meant to be a high protein bar as bodybuilders would want. Thus for your average day-to-day health enthusiast who is not completely driven to achieve bulking goals, this bar would be quite sufficient. If I were to review this bar as a protein bar I would give it a 6.5/10. However, since many people buying this bar will not be particularly concerned with the low protein content [14 grams] in comparison to other bars on the market today, I would give this bar an 8/10. I look forward to trying the other flavours available and I will keep everyone updated as to what I think about them!

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ZonePerfect Classic Nutrition Bars ZonePerfect Classic Nutrition Bars: Box Of 5
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